Horizontal Directional Drilling
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a complex procedure and, as with all trenchless applications, attention to detail is important.

We offer an in depth analysis of your project, identifying the risks, safety, environmental and construction issues. We ensure everyone involved is aware of all potential risk and problems from the start of the project to the end.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for the installation of conduits in environmentally sensitive areas such as water ways and shore lines, areas, such as major highways, where disturbance to the public is a major factor.

Gregrep has extensive experience with working on both conventional river crossings as well as landfall projects.
If we are called in to a project with problems to identify and determine probable causes, we can quickly bring you up to speed and give you an independent opinion.

The majority of contractors are trying to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and complete the project on time and within budget and in the event of a variation in most cases they are justified. We can help analyze and quantify any claims together with an opinion on how they came about.

Projects run smoothly when every one evolved has a clear understanding of the process and knows what's expected of them.

Gregrep offers expert witness services both for insurance claims and arbitrations.

Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Trenchless application selection
  • Contract conformity
  • Estimating
  • Best practice
  • Site procedures and systems
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Variation and dispute resolution
  • Project over-sight
  • Profile design
  • Trouble shooting
  • Equipment appraisal

Land Pipelines
Gregrep have extensive experience in the management and supervision of land pipelines and can assist clients with contractor selection, review of tenders and recommendation of suitable plant and equipment.

Construction Supervision and Monitoring
Gregrep offer a service to supervise and monitor the HDD operations of a project for main contractors.

Gregrep will follow progress of the operations undertaken by a contractor and provide expert monitoring of the HDD activities.

Gregrep will review all progress reports and contemporary construction records of the works carried out to ensure that all operations are in compliance with the contract specifications and permits. This will cover the radius of curvature of the borehole, reaming stages, bentonite characteristics and disposal and pull back procedures.

Supply of Horizontal Directional Drilling Crew
Gregrep are able to supply highly experienced crew for Horizontal Directional Drilling projects throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

The positions that we are able to fulfill are:

  • Rig Floor Foremen and Hands
  • Bentonite Mixing Engineers
  • Recycling Technicians
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Pipeside Foremen
  • Tie in Foremen
  • Welding Superintendants

All the personnel have at least 5 years experience working in the HDD and related industry on all sizes of rigs.